Privacy Policy

HairCandy Privacy Policy Statement

At HairCandy we are committed to maintaining the privacy & trust of our clients, in particular, we want you to know that HairCandy is not in the business of selling or trading our clients personal information with any other company for any purposes, marketing or otherwise, so you can be sure that your personal information is safe & secure with us.

We have provided detailed information in this privacy policy, about when & why we’ve collected your personal information & how we use it.

We value all of our clients data & will always keep it safe, we request to hold certain information about you for times when we need to contact you about a booked appointment, we also record any allergy/skin test information for your safety and we may occasionally send you offers & deals that may be of interest to you. Your information will always be 100% safe & kept in a secure location to ensure safety & confidentiality.

When you use HairCandy’s free wifi we may collect data about:
A. Your device.
B. Volume of data used.
C. Websites or applications you may use.
D. Usage by time & frequency.
We do not use this data or share it with anyone.

Access to your personal information
Under GDPR, you have the right to access, amend or request we delete any of your personal data that we hold.
Email your request to
This policy was reviewed on 20th April 2018, the next review will be 19th April 2019.

Many Thanks
Suzanne & Jess
HairCandy Owners